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Step Light


ειδικές κατασκευές φωτισμού


ειδικές κατασκευές φωτισμού
ειδικές κατασκευές φωτισμού




A small luminaire for stairs, paths, corridors etc. The beam angle can be adjusted by moving the cover up or down to achieve an eye-friendly lighting in walking areas. Indoor or outdoor use.

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Light source:

type: power led

power: 3V, 700mA

CCT: warm white: 2700K, 3000K

optics: diffuse

CRI: 85

lumens: 180lm

Control: dimmable

Power supply: remote constant voltage led driver required

Use: interior / exterior - IP65

Dimensions: W60xH60xD30mm

Material: bronze

Fnishings: oxidized or brussed

Accesories: -

Notes: cable 10cm, driver sold separately

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